Moto z play randomly shuts down


My new Moto Z Play randomly shuts down at night when there is no active activity. This happened 3 times and all 3 times it is not being charge, battery is more than 50% and when powered up, it is like nothing different happened. It is like it went to sleep but powers off.

Problem is I missed the set wake up alarm.

Is there something in the settings that does this?


I’d suspect Facebook and Facebook Messenger but I’m only personally aware of them causing spontaneous shutdowns on the X1 and X2 models.


I do not have Facebook or messenger app. Also it never shut down when phone is in use. Thanks


Try putting it in Safe Mode overnight. Only the downloaded apps will be disabled. This will eliminate them as a cause.


After several tries on “safe mode”, this is my new problem. On safe mode, my phone number was changed, I can make calls and send text messages but the other will not reply bec the number is not mine. When I reboot back to normal mode, I have to login to my republic account to activate to my actual phone number. Also, changing from Safe Mode to Normal Mode, it will boot then reboot on it’s own. This happen all the time.


Yes, with the 3.0 phones all but the native apps are disabled and this includes the Republic app. Without the Republic app the phone works with its underlying number which is normally hidden from view.

Aside from this anomaly if the phone worked fine in Safe Mode then some app you installed (not the Republic app) is causing the problem.

If the phone randomly shuts down in Safe Mode the next step is a factory reset and the next step after that is asking Motorola to repair the phone under warranty.


My problem has been resolved! I sent the phone to Motorola for service request and they sent back a new unit. I have been testing downloaded apps for a few days before adding the next one. So far have to uninstall one app only.


I’m having a similar problem with my wife’s G4 plus. I want to send it in to be fixed/replaced. Can you tell me what the turn around time was for your phone when you sent it in? Thanks.


Motorola has two programs. One involve letting them put a hold on your charge card for the value of the phone they will send you. They send you the replacement, you move your SIM and data to it, and they release the hold on your money when your phone arrives at their service center and they have verified it is undamaged. If you take that option you are never without a phone.


I’m seeing that now, that’s a great option. Thanks.