Moto Z Play recurve can't see videos through messaging?! AND my phone number didn't show up on their phone either just random numbers? I

I keep trying to change some settings to send video. On my end it says it was sent but they can’t see it/open it. Also, I have the same number and I’m not a new customer so why doesn’t my name or number pop up on their phone to see it’s me who is calling them. I need to fix these issues. Please help!?! Thanks guys!

Which messaging app are you using? Google Messenger is recommended.

A ticket with Tech Support will be needed to get your caller ID issue fixed. You only get 2 ID change so be sure to let them know that this is not a change to your caller ID; it worked before and has now stopped. It doesn’t seem to me that this should happen in the process of getting a new phone or reactivating an old one. I think we would see a lot more posts about it if it was common.

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