Moto Z Play SIM card Help

Apparently Moto Z Play’s ordered through Republic are having issues. The tech support has been terrible and I am still waiting for anyone to reply and tell me they received my latest reply with my SIM card number. Has anyone else had their SIM problem resolved?!

All they have to do is send me a new SIM card right?

All I can suggest is use the chat line and make sure they know you have an open ticket. Republic Help

You can also post your ticket number and one of the ambassadors will contact Republic in your behalf.

Hi @brentb.b61n8z,

I’m sorry to hear your support experience has been less than satisfying so far. As @marshallh suggests if you were to post your ticket number and how long it’s been since you last had a response on your ticket; I or another Ambassador would be happy to make an inquiry with staff on your behalf.

In case you should not be able to do so before I call it a day, please be on the lookout for staff’s response when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

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