"MOTO-Z Play : Trusted Voice Setting Greyed out and unavailable" - Part 2

Hello all,

i have to start a new thread because RW closed my other one before i could fully test and be able to reply to the helper @littletoucan like i was asked to. i am sorry i take much longer to test things before posting back but i guess there is a time limit on posts. so anyone that wants to recap, here is my original post:


So to my helper @littletoucan here is the reply you may or may not have been waiting for…

i did do the factory reset as you suggested and yes it did indeed enable the “Google now” Trusted voice that was greyed out before (since it seems there are two “trusted voice” area i will refer to them as “Google Now” trusted voice and “Moto Voice” trusted voice). However… even though it enabled it, it does not work like it dis on my Moto X or my wifes Galaxy device.

after i did the factory reset and confirmed the Google Now Trusted voice was no longer greyed out, i did the “ok google” training and setup the trusted voice. i then tested it and it did indeed allow me to send a text when the phone was locked. i thought i had a victory until i realized that although it worked when the phone was locked it did NOT work when the screen was off. The Moto Voice will wake up the phone when the screen is locked but will not continue if the phone is locked . and the Moto Voice also ceases to respond if the google now trusted voice is active. so it appears that the Marshmallow update is actually the culprit as @littletoucan was told “sort of” when she talked to to Motorolla live chat just not those exact words.

so in summary neither Google Now trusted voice or Moto Voice will actually solve the problem of being able to send a text “hands free” when the phone is locked. Google Now will work when the phone is locked but not asleep while Moto Voice works when the phone is asleep but not when locked. And yes i do know about trusted places and that works great, but does not help when driving which is where i sent most of my hands free texts on my Moto X

P.S. @littletoucan thank you very much for the car charger gift you sent me. Unfortunately it was not USB C so i can’t use it on my new phone. so i gave it to my wife who can use it on her Galaxy

@michaelm.kdxf6l Well, I’m glad someone in your family can use the charger! Thank you for posting this, I was curious on how you made out with the factory reset.

I don’t remember if we addressed this or not, does your phone have Moto Actions? Did you try using the app Dragon Mobile Assistant:

Dragon Mobile Assistant - Android Apps on Google Play

Yes my phone does have Moto Actions, may i ask why? and yes i did try the Dragon Mobile Assistant but found it very annoying, at least to me. i do still very much appreciate the suggestion to try it

@michaelm.kdxf6l You’re welcome. Just wondering if this combination of settings would work with Moto Z. Have Moto Actions set for Attentive Display, have Smart Lock set for Trusted Face and On Body, and have Moto Voice set to read while driving and you have your launch phrase set.

I’m not so sure this is a Marshmallow issue as it is a limitation of Moto Z itself. Moto Pure will read and write texts hands free. In a car it’s limited, because of the ambient sounds while driving. I try to keep the screen on all the time while driving so I don’t have to fiddle with the phone. You can set the time to lock in Security > Automatically Lock and choose a longer period of time before the phone locks the screen.

There are other apps that might work:

hands free texting - Google Play

my moto actions do not have a setting for attentive display. i can do most of the other things you suggested but will need an app or a timer setting as you suggested to keep my phone from locking while i am driving.

@michaelm.kdxf6l If you find a suitable solution, please let us all know, it will be a big help to other Moto Z owners.

I’m guessing you don’t have a bluetooth enabled car? If in fact you did, you could use the “trusted devices” setting on the device to keep the phone unlocked when connected to your car by bluetooth.

But assuming you would have done that already (since you know about trusted places), you might be able to get yourself an NFC sticker and install it in whatever phone mount you have in your car. Then use tasker, or ifttt or similar app to keep device awake while in proximity to your NFC sticker.

Not an ideal solution, but maybe a workaround…

Good luck.

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