Moto Z Play - USB Data via USB-C cable


I have a new Moto Z Play from Republic. I also bought a USB-C to USB cable intending to transfer data TO and FROM the phone to my Windows 10 computer. When connecting the cable, the phone device shows up in File Explorer as XT1635-02. But there are no directories and no data showing in that XT1635-02. It is charging the phone, but no data shows. How can I get the Windows 10 to “see” data/directories on the phone, connected via USB-C cable?


Hi @robertl.1ur40c!

Is your phone unlocked (swipe up from the lock screen or use the fingerprint reader)? Once it’s unlocked, check your notification tray for a message that says something like: “Do you want to trust this PC?” Once you accept the message/trust the computer, you should be able to access your phone just fine.



Thanks, Ambassador, that did it. Now I see files.


Great! Glad I could help!


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