Moto Z Play VS Moto X Pure

I just got the Z Play to with the special offer. Which it would make it ~free after a resale of the Pure and the 6 months of free service.

Well compared to the Pure, the phone is garbage. The phone feels like a square brick. Large and bulky edges. The screen resolution is noticeably worse then the Pure - HD vs QHD. The square fingerprint reader gives you a massive bezel & ugly. I rather have no reader. The back wooden plate is cool looking, but the phone is super slippery… I don’t understand why they don’t include a $5 plastic phone case so the phone in not so slippery.

I really dislike the phone and suggest everyone get a BYO moto x pure for $300 new elsewhere. much better phone.

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I’m sure a lot of what you don’t like about the Z case design is driven by the modular accessories: speaker, camera, etc.

If you aren’t getting accessories then, yes, probably better off with the Pure

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The phone is slippy seems like a common complaint with the Moto Z. However, if you want the battery power of a Moto Z, you will have to live with the bulk.

Anyhow, I’m a bit surprised you didn’t look at the phone at Best Buy or a local cell phone shop before buying the phone.

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