Moto Z Play White Option

I see there is only the black Play available. Will there be the option to purchase the white/gold one as well in the near future?

Hi @steved.rynbjh,

Your question might be better directed to Motorola. Currently the “White and Fine Gold” model seems to be an option only on the Moto Z Play DROID, which is a Verizon exclusive. Republic sells the GSM unlocked variant, which is currently only available in Lunar Gray even at Moto Maker.

I asked Motorola and was provided this response for any interested.

As per checking it here in my end the only Moto Z Play that has white and gold color is only on Verizon, but I do advise you to check on our 3rd Party Retailers if they do have this color or directly contact you service provider that you wanted to use.

Hi @steved.rynbjh,

I’ll admit to being confused why Motorola would provide that answer. I’ve seen no evidence at any 3rd party retailer of a white and gold model other than the Verizon exclusive Z Play DROID. Lunar Gray is all that seems to be out there for the GSM unlocked variant. To the best of my knowledge, Motorola has yet to manufacture such a thing.

In any event, almost no one here is a Republic employee and I’m certainly not. Republic doesn’t typically pre announce phones, so if adding white and gold were in the works; an employee who knew would be unlikely to say so.

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