Moto Z Play XT1650-02 Dual Sim Cellphone

So, interesting find I have come across. I purchased a Moto Z Play from Amazon - made sure it was the model approved by Republic and it was delivered last week. In getting things set up I noticed that when I pulled the SIM tray out to install my SD card and me SIM - WHOA!!! - there was room for another SIM. I checked the model number on the phone, in the phone OS and on the box and it did INDEED say XT1650-02 (though the international version). Now my wife also has this same version and is has the standard OS image without dual SIMs in the options - it works as well. Both the same model number. Hers came with a US charger while mine was international.

So WTH - i figured I would put in my Tmobile work SIM, as i would love to NOT carry (2) phones all the time.

The phone installed the Republic app and it registered approved and I got it going. The Android OS imaged on the device did infact support (2) SIMs and after a week I can confirm that I can make calls on both republic using towers or wifi and I can make calls on the tmobile sim. IT IS AWESOME!!!

Here is my thought. I wonder if ALL XT1650-02 phones support dual SIM. I think the only difference is that the international version has a slightly different OS with enabled settings and they include a tray that supports two SIMs. I confirmed that the SIM tray fits in both phones. I wonder if I unlocked my wifes phone and flashed the OS from my international version and bought a dual SIM tray on Ebay if it would enable it. I most likely wont to that - but just thinking outloud.

Pretty cool huh!! :slight_smile:

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This actually shouldn’t work, and it is possible that a future app update will throw an unsupported phone warning. I assume you moved an already activated Republic SIM in the phone? Trying to activate a new SIM most certainly wouldn’t work.

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I doubt a new SIM would have made a difference. I activated the phone initially on republic with ONLY the republic SIM in the phone and once up and running added the TMobile SIM later. The other way around will cause an issue.

Again, as mentioned it is the correct exact model that they support - Republic DOES NOT state that they specifically limit based on OS build like they did on previous phones (i.e Samsung devices from S6 model). If they update the app and change it based on OS build later on after it worked PERFECTLY on mine I would be pretty upset and probably request that they provide me a similar phone.

Trust me, I’m right on this. How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Republic is quite clear that ALL phones must be the North America Unlocked. International versions are not supported.

Well, it works perfectly. And if they wanted to disable the second SIM, i wouldn’t really care - just an unexpected bonus.

But they should really consider that if it works, and with ZERO issues - why NOT support it, at least via the app since if they don’t want to support it via technical support I could understand.

The future is supporting as many phones as possible, not limiting yourself as that is the major drawback to using republic - cant just bring any phone.

I would be more than happy to assist them with testing if they would like - I love being a tester and have a heavy IT background.

What may work “perfectly” today and what’s supported are often two different things. Republic has its reasons for supporting only North American factory unlocked phones at this time (none of which support dual SIMs).

An example of something thought to be working perfectly and then turned out not to be is inbound WiFi calling with the recently released Pixel 2s. Your scenario may well work perfectly or it may be you simply have yet to stumble over what may not work perfectly.

Longer term, I’m with you in that I’d like to see Republic support as many phones as possible (including dual SIM models). Meanwhile, when operating outside of that which is supported, I understand the risk of something possibly going wrong is entirely my own.


Hi @dezignpro04 - I’m glad to hear you’re having a good experience on your new device! I’d love to chat about how you use your phone with two SIMs.

If you’re interested, please direct message me the best number to reach you on and a couple of times that work for you.


Just sent you a PM :slight_smile:


While I agree there is risk involved in using a phone not on RW’s approved list even if it currently works, I suspect there are many not on the list that would work well. RW simply lacks the staff to check out everything. It would be great to see them open the gates some and allow phones that meet specific requirements to be used with the caution that the user is on his/her own if it’s not on the approved list. Maybe have a black list for phones that are found not to work or might create problems for the system.

No doubt, this is part of it. Republic is also on record as stating it wants members to have the best possible experience and, apparently, believes specific model testing contributes to that.

I’m with you on wanting to see more phones supported. One challenge with this philosophy, however, is some (and I think that number would be significant) would expect Republic to make its service work with their unsupported phones no matter how many disclaimers were issued. Merely having to remind these folks what they were doing is unsupported would result in support tickets. There are real costs to support tickets that would need to be considered.

Since this would involve a degree of hindsight, it amounts to closing the barn door after the horse has left the building. Again, the potential for additional cost must be considered.


So is this phone still working great without issues on RW?

I’m assuming this is the same model you ordered:

Let’s be clear. An already activated Republic SIM might cause the phone to work “properly”. That may also stop working at any time. Activating a new SIM would be impossible. The dual SIM phone is unsupported and therefore a violation of the TOS. Should the phone start causing issues where the App isn’t properly interfacing and therefore the underlying carrier infrastructure being used, Republic could terminate service under the TOS abuse clause.

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