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My Moto Z Play is on back order. Is there a projected date when the next batch will be available?


Maybe they just aren’t selling them now? I just got mine yesterday, but it can’t detect the sim card. I was told they are having problems with that phone.


The sim should be installed in the phone if bought from RW store. There should be a plastic CC size plastic with the sim punched out of it but some adapters left in the card.

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If back-ordered and so it arrives and is activated after Dec 29th, does the free 6-month 1GB service go bye-bye?

There is a sim card in the phone, but the phone isn’t detecting it. It’s apparently a known issue per help chat.


In the past they have tried to make things right when they go wrong. I believe the current word is that they will take everyone on a case by case basis. Which makes it sound like this is a pretty small group or that they are planning a huge investment of time and personnel into hearing what people have to say. Either way, I find that more reassuring than worrisome.

So you will know: When Motorola first started providing the Defy XT with a custom ROM that made a Wi-Fi cell hybrid for RW they got single band handsets that would not roam since they didn’t have the Verizon bands. They replaced my Defy with a new dual band unit so that may influence my perception of things.

Yep I have SIM issue too with my Z Play and the I am not getting good timely support. I am still awaiting response. Has anyone else had their SIM issued resolved?

The phone and free service has been advertised at the top of their phone page today. If they don’t honor the free offer for those who receive the phone after Dec 29, then the banner should state so clearly even if they don’t yet know the exact date of fulfillment, else they can expect more unhappy customers due to top-promoting the 6 month free service for a phone they won’t have ready to ship in time.

Hi @mariab.hpg1cl,

Republic expects to be able to fulfill all backorders for the Moto Z Play and have those phones in customer’s hands prior to the December 29th activation deadline. If for currently unforeseen reasons this does not happen; I’m more than confident Republic will make the situation right for any affected customers.


I was wondering the same thing. Kind of watching for any change. I hope the phone comes without issues

I just canceled my order. After researching a bit it looks like the Moto Z play phones are going to be GSM and be on the t-mobile network. T mobile has really bad coverage in my area. Currently with my Moto X I am on Sprint CDMA network and have great coverage. I think I am going to stay with my phone and see what deals come about.


Sprint 3.0 is in soft launch testing with a few customers right now so It shouldn’t be to long on a release.

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That is what I read and I also read that the MOTO Z Play is totally GSM the CDMA version can only be used with Verizion. So I am going to wait on Sprint 3.0 and see what phones will work with it.

You are correct the unlocked Moto Z line of phones that Republic uses are GSM Only due to an excluive agreement with Verizon with the Droid variants

of the Phones Republic sells or allows as BYOD the following are GSM only and will never be able to use on a Sprint network

  • Moto Z
  • Moto Z Play
  • Huawei Ascend 5W
  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • Samsung Galaxy S6

Thank you that was super helpful. My moto x is 2.5 years old and in need of replacement but it is hanging in there. I have loved being on the sprint network and have had zero problems even when traveling. I think my Moto X can hang on a couple of months so I can see how this plays out. hopefully by then RW will make it obvious when you buy a phone which network you will be on when you order the phone.

Hypothesis – Soft launch CDMA or defective GSM SIM cards being shipped.


Since the Moto Z Play is GSM only I don’t see how the CDMA launch could have anything to do with it.

@louisdi , you can’t imagine a logistic error at RW?

Oh, you’re referring to a CDMA SIM being shipped in a GSM phone. I guess that’s easy to check.

Hey anyone who had this issue, did the replacement SIM look the same as the original?

If it does, we know that wasn’t it as the SIMs look different.

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