Moto z promo apply to other plans?


The email I just got about the Moto Z Play promo says “See offer for full details” but doesn’t include a link to the offer (presumably because it’s not already live??). So the email says you get the $20 Unlimited plan “free” for 6 months, but I don’t have that plan. If I’m on a different plan, how would they work? E.g. if my plan is $45, would I get a $20 discount, or no discount at all? Or would I have to downgrade to the $20 plan?

I’m planning on buying a Moto X Pure, but if I can apply the 6 month promo to my existing plan (that isn’t the 1 gig plan), then I’ll get the Moto Z Play.



@southpaw@rw this is a good question


I’m thinking what you see is what you get. The cost of providing the free service most likely comes out of the margin on the phone.


Hi @gabrielc.s2pi79!

If you want a plan with more data, you will have to pay the difference. So if you want the $45 plan, you would have to pay $25 (plus applicable taxes and fees). Here is a quote from the official promo email: " If someone purchases a plan with more data than 1GB, they will be responsible for the difference in the plan costs" Does that clear things up for you?



Good call, mb2x! I overlooked that. That’s exciting!


Glad I could help .