Moto z terrible battery - never buy Moto again



My Moto z1 is not quite 2 years old and WITH the Incipio battery mod it only lasts 7 hours with light usage (at home) before it dies completely. Not acceptable. This is a Motorola/Lenovo issue, that got worse after Oreo. I am Never buying a Moto phone again. Rw please support more phones! Oneplus! Motorola might have been a good hardware partner a few years but now they are completely untrustworthy and unreliable. I don’t want to leave rw, but if I there are not good options. I am not buying another Moto phone!


What is the carrier signal strength (at home) … perhaps you are in a fringe area with a weak signal, which makes any phone crank up it’s power levels in an attempt to compensate.


Not all Motos are like that. Oreo also cut the power time for my Z Play, but I still have to charge it only a couple of times a week. As jben suggested, something else may be at play in your case.


Thanks for trying to help but since I haven’t moved in the last 8 years and things were working fine before Oreo, the terrible battery change has to be due to one or a combination of: 1) bad quality batteries from Motorola, 2) Android problems with Oreo, and/or 3) bad implementation of Oreo by Motorola. LOTS of other people are having similar Moto Z battery issues. Plus if you follow the customer service responses from Motorola online, they are a great example of CYA, obscure, and deny.
When I first had the phone (w/o the battery mod!) the battery would last all day. Now with the battery mod, it lasted only 7 hours yesterday.
Nothing can be done with #2 above: Google will do as it wants to. But are all phones on Oreo having problems? It seems to me that #1 and #3 have a high likelihood of being primary. Motorola is becoming a downward pull on RW.


Note: I’ve done cache-clears and 3x I have done full resets with everything erased.


My Moto Z was a work horse when I got it. I regret spending so much on a phone and mods that ended up being pipe dreams. I have two worthless battery mods and a phone that doesn’t hold a charge. Big ticket money for an impermanent item. Any banal questions?


If you don’t want to replace the phone, contact Motorola or a cell phone repair shop and inquire about battery replacement.


Hi @davidh.t56bye,

Which battery mods did you try?


Thanks, I may do that.


I obviously (previous posts) went through this pain too. There may well be a technical problem that the battery mods kill the battery by how they recharge it. As much as I did not want to give Motorola any more money, in the end I used their replacement program and got a new (or refurb?) Moto Z for $150. I’m not using my Mod battery and I’m being extra careful with the battery to try mostly to keep it between 40% and 80% and no over night charging–except when I forget by mistake. My thought is if it can last 18 - 24 months, it will have been a good deal as compared to buying an S9 or something. To me it was the best way to recover from a bad situation. Certainly will not buy a new Motorola phone outright, but I am hoping with fastidious care, the inherent Motorola problems can be overcome for a season.