Moto-Z to Moto-X Sim Card

My Moto-Z is dying… I will buy a Moto-X4 (unlocked) from Amazon but i need to know if I can simply install the Z sim in the X4 and be up and running from there please.


as the Moto Z was a GSM only phone this should work

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The Table provided in Detailed Supported Phone Features, which was built by the user community, can be very helpful to users in sorting out some of thise issues.
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Hi @ronb.khxbtr,

Once you have moved the SIM card, it is good practice to refresh the credentials between your account (on the phone) and your account (on our servers), following these instructions:


Thanks guys but I misspoke/typed… I’m actually going from the Moto X Pure to the Moto X4. Assuming SIM compatibility is still a yes?


If your X Pure is activated with a RW GSM SIM it should be a simple swap. IF the Pure is using a CDMA SIM the CDMA card will not work in the X4. Many of the latest 3.0 phones use a new type of CDMA SIM card.



on the Moto X Pure dial *#*#786#*#* and tell us what happens
if it clears out (back to home screen or dial screen) or say’s dialed number not allowed then you are on GSM and a Simple SIM swap will work, if it’s bring up a Sprint menu then you are on CMDA and will need a new SIM

one can also tell by looking at teh SIM card a GSM SIM will have a grey “Re” and a green “Public”

edit Swapping phones by swapping SIM is a GSM feature and doesn’t work with the CDMA partner (Sprint) configured phones

Thanks, How can I check to see what type SIM my Pure has please? It’s only about a year and a half old and already slowing down for it’s death…

Dialing and visually checking are usually recommended. There are other easy ways to check for GSM versus CDMA by using an app like SignalCheck Lite. It will tell what provider’s cell signal your phone is receiving. SIM Tool Kit is another app that will identify the SIM Operator and also display your SIM ICCID number.


Thanks again! Did the dialer test. upon hitting the last #, the dialed characters clear so i guess i’m good for a SIM swap.



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