Moto Z2 Play -- Network Compatibility Clarification Needed


To help prevent customer experience/support issues info should be added to the BYOP announcement similar to what was as was done with E4 & E4 Plus.

It would also be helpful to include all network compatibility info/issues for all phones on the RW phones info page.

Realize RW likes to keep things simple so people don’t get too confused but RW has made many changes an is no longer the simple MVNO it once was.




I suspect the logic is Moto’s Z2 Play is supported for bring your own phone but not currently sold in Republic’s store. As you know all bring your own phones are provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner.


The thought likely never occurred to RW and if it did most of us understand logic doesn’t work well at times.

There have many discussions recently about members easily being able to open a ticket with support and obtain a CDMA SIM card to replace their BYOP GSM SIM. It would be very easy for a member to assume they could do the same with the Z2 Play.

It would be logical for RW to provide the information to prevent customer experience fails.


Logic doesn’t work well? Please don’t tell Mr. Spock. :grinning:

I have never characterized the process as easy, though it can indeed be done presuming a compatible phone. If it were an easy and elegant process, BYOP for CDMA would be reality.

Why limit your observation to the Z2 Play. Does it not apply equally to any other GSM only phone compatible with Republic’s service? For what it’s worth, Republic does specify which phones are compatible with both its GSM and CDMA network partners here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help. I suppose one might also add the information to the Republic Wireless Phones doc?

Seems to me, the information is provided, just not where you’d like to see it added presently.

Anyway, live long and prosper.


If you were to read my suggestions and open a link or two you’ll find it was not limited to the Z2 Play.

I found it buried in a discussion about interest rates. Supposed that is a logical place for it?


I don’t see the Moto Z2 Play listed for either network


The phone is new and the document ought to be updated. I’ve made that request. As is, the referenced document does indicate all bring your own phones will be provisioned with GSM coverage. The Z2 Play is supported as a bring your own phone.


What I understand is you’re suggesting the information be added to this document: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. While I don’t object to that, I pointed out (with the exception of the Z2 Play), the information is already in this document: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.

This observation is indeed specific to the Z2 Play. You quoted me on the subject. The quote is from a post of mine in reply to @drm186. It is not nor is it intended to be an official announcement from Republic.


Looks like a member or new customer would need to go to the Help section to find the doc (Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help). Apologize for not looking in the correct area and for missing the previous link. The Help section should not normally be needed to purchase a phone.

The doc (Republic Wireless Phones) can be found in the FAQs on the BYOP check page and more likely to be viewed.

Yes the information should be added to a second or even third doc if it helps to prevent service issues down the road. We no longer need to cut down trees to duplicate docs.


An apology is not necessary. Yes, the referenced coverage doc resides in the Help Center as does the phones doc.

The referenced phones doc is indeed linked from the BYOP FAQ. I presume you’re referring to the first entry in that FAQ, which reads as follows:

When shopping for a phone that will work with Republic, you’ll need to make sure it’s one of our supported phones and is listed as:

North American version.
GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

There’s no mention of CDMA whatsoever and I’m confident that’s purposeful on Republic’s part. Republic’s stated position is bring your own phone is GSM only. Yes, those of us frequenting the forum know of the workaround for compatible phones, however, I don’t see anything on the BYOP page that suggests CDMA is a possibility for bring your own phone. It seems unlikely, to me, one starting there would be entertaining that if aware of it at all.

For those who come to Community seeking advice, I would hope you or another helpful member would point to both the phones and coverage docs.


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

Your concern for our members and potential members is greatly appreciated!

We will try to do so, whenever the phone is sold in our store. Although we do our best to improve any coverage issue our BYOP members may experience, our official support for BYOP is by GSM SIM card.

The team that manages the website has make a conscious decision in how carrier-specific information is presented. They constantly evaluate that decision across a wide scope of factors, and do not wish to make the change you have recommended at this time.


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