Moto Z2 Play Pie Update

Any guesses on whether Z2 Play actually gets a Pie update? Moto has said in past forums to expect something on this, but seeing this article ya gotta wonder. Yes I know this is for the Force, but if they are dropping Force phones from the update, what does that bode for the Z2 Play series? Let the prognosticating begin!

Hi @kevinr.5brxs3,

It’s certainly not a hopeful sign. Typically, carrier variants get updates before factory unlocked equivalents as there are generally more of the former in the market as opposed to the latter. Time will tell…

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Motorola (Lenovo) doesn’t support their phones as well as they should. They even canceled plans to make a Moto Z4 Play and Force available. I’ve owned only Motorola smart phones up to now, but am convinced my Moto Z Play is the last one for me barring an unlikely Motorola turnaround.

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Yah, we’ve been all Moto for a long time, good bang for the buck. But going four months between security updates is a issue for me. I know something has to give when charging a little less, but I’d like updates over some other items from a trade-off perspective. I’ll give it a little more time, but kinda disappointing to pull back on a version upgrade.

Another article.

I would not hold out much hope. My G6 is currently stuck on a January patch. No promised Pie update yet. Moto had reneged on previous promised updates on other models and the their new Z line is only promised one major update when it used to be 2.

No more Motos for me. Really hoping Republic partners with another OEM to give customers another affordable besides Moto ( not a fan of Samsung UI) . Otherwise my kids next phone will be a Pixel 3A

I’ve moved the sidebar conversation about other phones of interest to a previously existing (and now re-named) topic: Phones we’d like to see supported at Republic

Got my June security update for 8.0.0. No sign of Pie yet. If I don’t get it this may be my last Moto phone. Not because of lack of updates - plenty of OEMs only give one. But because they committed to Pie.

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On my Moto G6 Play, I’m running 9 Pie, and rocking the May 1st security patch. I’m still waiting on the Verizon Z2 Play 9 Pie though!

You are aware that the Verizon phone is NOT compatible with RW.

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