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TL:DR I love the Phone

  • Overall I give the Moto Z2 Play: 8/10

  • Battery life: 10/10 (12 out of 10 with the Moto Mod)

  • Camera: 7/10 (still not up with the gold standards of Samsung and Pixels but still much improved)

  • Size: 7/10 (too large for true 1 handed operation and depending on case too large for some pockets)

  • GSM Cell coverage (for me) 6/10 (due to no coverage at work)

  • CDMA cell Coverage (for me) 10/10 (just like the legacy phones)

  • Process to convert GSM to CDMA 7/10 (took over a week when I got GSM card in 2 days)

I recently used my tax refund to upgrade the Moto Z2 Play (for both my wife and myself (she is on a Cricket plan as she wants AT&T coverage) (the Moto Z2 Play is my 3rd phone used on Republic the first was the Moto X which was followed by Moto X2)

As this phone is BYOD only I made my purchase from Motorola directly, ordered on the 17th of February (last day of their valentine sales) and got them for $350 each (did not get the Moto care as we did not use it on the last phones and we will be keeping out old phones as backup if something happens to the current ones, also the Credit union doubles the manufacture warrantee already)

After our order I went to Amazon and ordered a cases and my Republic GSM BYOD SIM (I know coverage was good most places but also known that the GSM partner did not work well in the past (I would also have received a GSM version of any phone if ordered from Republic))

I got the Cases and the SIM on Monday the 19th but did not get the phones until the 21st (and we were busy with Scouting and did not have time to play with phones so I did not activate until Thursday the 22nd evening)

First impression was it was so big, light and thin, the case I order was a cheap flip wallet and it was just too bulky with the phone (did not fit pockets), during setup I used the tap and configure base on my old phone (both phones need NFC for this to work) I left the phone be while it did all the updates and system (there were 4 of them).

I took a long weekend (mostly prepping for Cub Scout Blue and Gold while fighting a Head code) did have time to play with the camera during Blue and gold and I will say MP may be less (12 vs 13) but pics are much better (not Pixel or Galaxy S series level but still darn good) , it gives the option to shot like most other cell camera now (where the Moto X did not have a shutter icon but could tap anywhere to take a picture the Moto Z2 Play has the shutter icon but it can still be set up to tap anywhere, so it’s less confusing to other you ask to take a shot)

Monday back at work I saw the non-coverage the GSM in the building (as expected) so I created the ticket that reported poor coverage at work, their response was to ask for addressed (which I gave) and then they put a SIM in the Mail (this back and forth took about 30 hours) then it took a week for the new SIM to arrive (in the mean time I was using my Moto X 2nd on the Refund Plan as a WiFi hotspot so My Moto Z2 Play would be usable at work during this time (with the exception of Monday the 5th which some error caused My Moto X 2nd to no have data access (full bars LTE but with !) (And it was not a good day to be out of a cell phone), last night (March 6th) I got the new SIM and installed it (this took longer than I expected to activate about 2 hours)

I now sitting at work I have full bars of LTE on the CDMA partner on the Moto Z2 Play and all is working and I now consider the upgrade to be complete

I will also not I had to drop the use of the Flip wallet case as I picked up an Incipio inductive charge battery Moto Mod and loving the battery life with the Moto Z2 Play already have an good long battery life (~50% in in a days of somewhat heavy use) with the Mod I now end the day with over 75% on the phone’s battery (in efficient mode the Mod Keeps the phone battery 80% while there is a charge in the Mod) I ran a test last weekend I unplugged the phone at 8 AM Saturday and did not plug it back in until 10 PM Sunday I still had 37% left (and the battery information was saying I had 7 hours till 0%) (This is all much improved from my 2nd Gen Moto X which would go from 100% to 40% in under 8 hours and then drop to 0 and shutdown) (I will note I have yet to use the Inductive (Qi) charging of the Mod I have been charging up at night with my old Moto X ac adapter and a USB Type A to type C cable (charges both the Phone and the Mod overnight, I have yet to find a reason to use a turbo charger (either the supplied one that came with the phone or the ones I used on the Moto X2 )

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Great review! If the Z2P battery was closer to the size of the Z Play gen 1 phone, I would be temped to upgrade. Like yourself, I don’t use the turbo charger. I use the old X2 charger. Easier on the battery. Do yourself a favor… get one of the braided magnetic tip USB-C charger cables. USB Type C Braided Data/Charging Cable with Magnetic Tip