Moto Z3 Play 32 GB ( XT1929-3 or pa9s0017us) compatible with Republic Wireless?

I have bought an unlocked Moto Z3 Play 32 GB from B&H It is yet to be shipped. I would like to confirm if this model XT1929-3/pa9s0017us is compatible with Republic Wireless. I checked the BYOP compatible phone list where only XT1929-4 is listed. There is no difference between XT1929-3 and XT1929-4 except the ROM size.

Hi @parthp and welcome to the Community!

When I search PA9S0017US (Motorola’s manufacturer’s part number) at B&H Photo’s website, this listing is returned:

If that’s the listing you purchased the phone from, it certainly appears to be the Republic compatible model.

The above said, if the phone you bought is really XT1929-3 and not XT1929-4, it will not work with Republic. Everything I see online suggests XT1929-3 is customized for Sprint’s network. Hardware other than storage (ROM) may be identical, however, the firmware on XT-1929-3 is not the same as the factory unlocked firmware on XT1929-4 (required by Republic).


Hey rolandh,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, I bought the the same B&H listed phone (PA9S0017US). Thanks for clarifying that PA9S0017US is not the same as XT1929-3.

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Hi! Could you confirm this worked for you? My parents just purchased the PA9S0017US model and now they’re worried that it won’t be compatible with Republic Wireless. If you could let me know, then I’d appreciate the peace of mind. :slight_smile:

It they purchase an actual PA9S0017US then it would be compatible. That said, sellers often mislabel the phones they sell. If you go to Settings – About Phone – Software Channel what does it say there on the phone?

Thanks, I appreciate it. I also found this: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

They bought it from Best Buy during the sale ($149; now back up to a ridiculous $349), so I assume that the model/firmware is accurate. We’ll find out when I help them set it up after it arrives. :slight_smile:

Yes. PA9S0017US is fully compatible with Republic Wireless. In fact, I am using PA9S0017US to reply to your message. I checked the Best Buy site to verify if it is the same as my model that I bought from B&H. They are both identical. Your parents’ phone will work with republic wireless.

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