Moto Z3 Play 32 GB ( XT1929-3 or pa9s0017us) compatible with Republic Wireless?

I have bought an unlocked Moto Z3 Play 32 GB from B&H It is yet to be shipped. I would like to confirm if this model XT1929-3/pa9s0017us is compatible with Republic Wireless. I checked the BYOP compatible phone list where only XT1929-4 is listed. There is no difference between XT1929-3 and XT1929-4 except the ROM size.

Hi @parthp and welcome to the Community!

When I search PA9S0017US (Motorola’s manufacturer’s part number) at B&H Photo’s website, this listing is returned:

If that’s the listing you purchased the phone from, it certainly appears to be the Republic compatible model.

The above said, if the phone you bought is really XT1929-3 and not XT1929-4, it will not work with Republic. Everything I see online suggests XT1929-3 is customized for Sprint’s network. Hardware other than storage (ROM) may be identical, however, the firmware on XT-1929-3 is not the same as the factory unlocked firmware on XT1929-4 (required by Republic).


Hey rolandh,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, I bought the the same B&H listed phone (PA9S0017US). Thanks for clarifying that PA9S0017US is not the same as XT1929-3.

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