Moto Z3 Play and Moto Mod

Now that R.W. has put the Moto Z3 Play back on sale again (thanks!), I need a way to do wireless charging.
Does anyone know when (or if) the moto mod that allows wireless charging will be available for the Moto Z3 Play?
It shows out of stock on Motorola’s site, but I don’t even know if this is the one I need for a Z3 Play:

Does R.W. sell this mod, is there a mod included with the Z3 Play?
I do know there is an insipio mod that is available, but expensive (over $100).

Hi @muerte33!

The Moto Z3 Play from Republic (found here: Moto Z³ Play | Republic Wireless ) does include a PowerPack Moto Mod. As far as wireless charging goes, it looks like the Wireless charging style mod might be permanently sold out. The wireless charging style mod is not sold by Republic. It’s the only option I see as far as wireless charging goes. It would be compatible with the Z3 Play if you bought it. Maybe it will come back in stock soon at some point. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply!
We are both on the original plans (Moto X1 ($25 plan) and X2 ($10 plan)), and I would hope the talk and text is just as good on the GSM partner as the CDMA is (or better). I know I can switch to the CDMA carrier, but I would rather tough it out on the GSM till Band 71 starts rolling into my state (which the Z3 Play supports).

Whether talk and text on GSM is a better, worse or equivalent experience than CDMA is entirely dependent on coverage. There’s nothing precluding use of CDMA now, then moving to GSM once Band 71 is available.

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I rolled the dice and put in an order for a Z3 Play. Hopefully T-Mobile Voice/Text is not abysmal.
If it works out, might have to upgrade my wife’s Moto X2 as well.
Just hope I can get hold of a wireless charging moto mod for it.
Thanks for everyone’s help!

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If it is and CDMA would be better in the short run, go ahead and request the CDMA SIM. You can always switch back to GSM once Band 71 arrives in your area.

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