Moto Z3 Play Black Screen Troubleshooting

Has anyone resolved the issue of a sudden black screen on your phone?

My battery was 97%. The phone was in my pocket, locked. Next time using it, the screen is black. I thought it had powered down so powered up again. The screen flicked on but immediately went black again; it continued to flick for a while (not flicker. The screen would flash on for a second then go black for minutes). Now it is only black. A laptop no longer sees it when plugged in. When pressing the power button, the phone buzzes. Iv2e no idea if it is on or off.

I cannot access anything on the phone because I cannot see anything.

Anyone had this issue? Were you able to resolve?

Other online forums have not helped.


Hi Hunterhunter, welcome to the community, sorry it is under such circumstances!

This sounds like a failure of some portion of the device. If the computer doesn’t even recognize the device when plugged in, that indicates something bigger than just the screen. What happens if you hold the power button down for up to two minutes. Does the phone every restart with anything coming on the screen.

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I haven’t tried holding the power button for as long as 2 minutes. I’ll try that.

Thanks for replying so swiftly.

It was a long shot that someone else here had experienced this but I thought I’d reach out jic.


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Let us know what happens

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Holding down the power button for 2 minutes didn’t make any difference, sadly.

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