Moto z3 play-no sound for text

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I've tried everything - gone to messages/settings/notifications/ everything looks good there. - I've gone to settings/sounds/everything is on High.

I obviously am missing something.
Any Ideas??

You might take a look at the following linked help article:

You might also try clearing the app cache for Messages by Google:

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Hi @hollyw.dn22vm

If this still isn’t working, please let us know which texting app you are using.

It’s called MESSAGES - blue circle with white letter lines for the icon. - Version 6.8.076 -

Can you please look at the icons in the search result at the following link? Which icon looks like the one you are using?

If you’re still having the issue, I would try:

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I changed the notification settings from SOUND & POP to just Sound Default…AND NOW IT WORKS!!

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