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Ook, so about a week ago, last weekend i noticed the volumnes on my phone tanked hard. Now most of the noises on it are whisper quiet. Doesnt matter what it is, music, ring tones, talking to someone, alarm, anything. I’ve messed with the volumn settings, moving them up and down to try and fix them, reset the phone multiple times, removed and reinserted the simcard, comeress-aired all the spots to make sure there was no dust or grime blocking things. Even downloaded and tried several different audioboosting apps as well, which did nothing. I’ve done pretty much everything i can think of, or that i’ve read online, with the exception of factory reset which i will not do for a ‘well lets just see’ attempt. So, anyone know anything else i can attempt, or am i just stuck with a $600 fricken paperweight?

That’s a strange one. Are there any apps you might have installed that coincided with the drop in volume?

No, and I even uninstalled a bunch of apps i dont use, just to make sure none of them decided to do something funny. The only new app left has been installed for about a month now. So, there’s nothing else that i can figure out that be messing with it… And all i can figure is just the speakers going bad. Which relly ■■■■■.

You might try putting the phone in safe mode to test and see if volume is affected. I believe there is also a hardware test available in the Moto Help/Device Help app that you could use to test the speaker.


yeah, that solved nothing cept showing my sounds are messed up… I remembered, i also installed Pokemon Go last week, but i already uninstalled it. So, doubt that would continue to keep messing with it… But, was hoping i could have this phone for more then 2 yeas before having to replace it.

So, to be clear, sounds were still quiet in safe mode, and the hardware test in Device Help showed the speaker was OK? I believe the speaker and the earpiece are one and the same on this phone. As a last resort, a factory reset would be my recommendation. You may wish to contact Motorola regarding repair or further troubleshooting.

Yeah, im working on backing up things to try the dumb FR which i doubt will do anything… As for contacting motorola. ITs a 2 year old phone minium. I doubt they’ll do much of anything, and even if they did. Is it worth the offset cost of time, effort, expenses.

The sound on my Moto G5 Plus phone never has worked right. I have to turn the volume up to the highest level, put it on speaker phone, and then hold the phone up to my ear just to hear the voice of my interlocutor in a phone conversation. The volume level is a little better when playing music.

It is a shame to have to do a factory reset. Do you happen to have a Moto Mod around like the JBL Soundboost? It would be interesting to see if that worked. There are apps out there on the Google Playstore that extend the volume maximum level too.

Hi @mogymog,

Did the factory reset, and then testing with no apps restored to the phone, help with the sound issue?

No, the reset didnt work, and Motorolo wanted $250+ to fix it… So i said screw it, and just started using my google mini-home for music, and bought some lower-priced bluetooth ear buds to use for making phone calls and the like. A lot cheaper solution to buying a new phone for the time being… Still dont know why the speaekers decided to just fluke out like that, but oh well, not much i can do to it. So, the current fixes i have are good enough, and hopefully can last for another year or 2.

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