Moto Z3Play suddenly will not connect to public wifi

Moto Z3 Play, 64GB. My Choice Talk&Text.
At the coffeehouse that is my place of study, I usually get on their WiFi with my Moto, using is
in my studies. Today the Moto would not open/display the login for the public WiFi. The WIFi was functioning normally for other patrons. I’ve checked through settings and rebooted several times.
The login still would not come up. ?

Hi @gardyw and welcome to the Member Community. Have you tried a “forget network” and re-connect just in case something got corrupted in the password (or password was changed)?

It’s possible your phone has connected to the Wi-Fi, but since you haven’t acknowledged their captive portal agreement, you don’t have access to the internet. The Wi-Fi connection will block the use of cellular data, but the captive portal agreement will block the use of the Wi-Fi!

A good troubleshooting step.

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Thank you freddyp,
I have tried the forget and reconnect remedy, without success. I need to further describe the action
of my phone. A the public WiFi: phone brings up the available network, click on that network, phone brings up screen with “data file html” and no login password box.
And can get no further.

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