Moto z4 availability

Any idea when the new moto z4 will be available again?

Hi and welcome to the community. The current info we have says that the phone will become available again at the end of the month.

Thank you. Is there a waiting list, or do I just need to keep checking? Will it still include the 360 moto mod camera?

There isn’t a waiting list. Yes, it includes the Moto 360 camera mod.

Is there an update on availability?

Hi @briani.bddt4p and welcome to the Community,

Our most current information is very soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Hey rolandh, any updates? It’s been almost a week and it is still out of stock. What’s going on?

Republic is at the mercy of Moto for restocking the phones and the expected restock date is now 9/17.

Hi @briani.bddt4p,

There was a delay in the shipment, and the information about that delay was not conveyed to the teams who help answer questions until late yesterday.

Is there a reason you would not consider buying the phone from Motorola or Amazon to bring to Republic?

You can also find it locally at many Best Buy stores:

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