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Getting a Moto z4, and trying to save a few bucks by purchasing elsewhere and buying the sim card kit from republic. They state I need to get model number XT1650-03, yet the model they sell is XT1980-3. Why can’t I simply purchase an XT1980-3 elsewhere> I’m a bit confused.

Issue Description

Republic only supports certain model, North American Factory Unlocked Android phones.
International models, or “Carrier/SIM unlocked” variants are not compatible.
The list of compatible phones is here:

Some tips on how to find a compatible phone:

This page will give you some insight into the BYOP process and as to why only certain phones will work.

Hi @martym,

XT1650-03 is the Republic compatible factory unlocked original Moto Z. May we know where you are seeing XT1650-03 being referenced as the Moto Z4.

XT1980-3 is the Republic compatible factory unlocked Moto Z4. It is indeed the Moto Z4 model Republic sells and also the model one would need to source elsewhere as indicated by Republic here: Motorola moto z⁴ – Republic Wireless.

The above said, one question folks should consider asking themselves is whether it’s worth saving a few bucks shopping elsewhere. Neither Republic or I are against that, however, acquiring the phone from Republic does have the advantage of guaranteeing compatibility.


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