Moto Z4 - how can I prevent hidden/private calls?

I cannot see a setting to block hidden/private calls.

I am able to block displayed numbers from callers.

I’m thinking I may have to install an app that will allow this to happen. Can anyone recommend such an app?

I’m able to go into the dialer settings → blocked numbers → block unknown numbers. Do you see anything like that?

First, let me thank you for responding to my topic.

I have the same on your first screen shot.

Your second screen shot is different than mine.

I do not have the option to Block unknown/private numbers on my Moto Z4 phone when I click the setting labeled Blocked Numbers. What I do see when I click Blocked Numbers is literally the hundreds of numbers I have blocked.

Here in the US, we are subjected to unwanted calls for auto warranties/bogus account closures/political calls etc.

I have heard that some Moto Z4’s do not have the option to Block unknown/private numbers.

Do you have any suggestions?

Again I thank you so much.

If I had to take a guess this would be because the phone was made before the robocall frenzy hit full blast… I think android bakes the blocking into the device settings now. (Android 10/11)

I haven’t used an app like this before but there are quite a few apps that claim to block/reject calls based on rules you specify.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to try some of the better rated ones out to see if it helps any.

I installed Nomorrobo. It’s working so far! TX for the help.

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