Moto Z4 releases soon...Will it work?

According to the Moto site the Z4 will work with RW. Should I wait or buy now?


To ensure it will work with the Republic Wireless service, there has to be some testing and adjustments to the RW App.
All new phones (sold or BYOP supported) are announced here: Announcements & News - Member Community

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History would indicate it will eventually work. That being said until Republic announces it (has Moto even announced it other than Amazon accidentally selling them early?) there’s no guarantee or timeframe.


Yeah it’s on the Moto site and has a black check next to it for republic. Prob going to pull the trigger on it…

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As long as you’re willing to be patient. Things have appeared on the Moto site weeks and weeks (or longer) before being available for use with Republic.

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For those interested, below are the links to the Moto Z4 and where it shows it will be with Republic Wireless. I know my wife and I plan on upgrading from our Moto Z Play to the Moto Z4 and can’t wait for it to be officially on the Republic Wireless store.

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Hey, did you get this yet? And did it end up working with Republic Wireless?

Hi @angiem.qxm3iv and welcome to the Community!

While historically the indication of compatibility with Republic on Motorola’s website is a good sign; until and unless Republic announces compatibility no phone (including the Moto Z4) will activate using a Republic SIM.

The best way to keep up with future announcements is keeping an eye on Republic’s Community forums here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

Otherwise, I suggest signing up for Republic’s marketing emails at the bottom of the page linked here: Shop for a New Phone, Service or Accessories – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless.

@angiem.qxm3iv I have not yet. I am waiting for it to be made available for purchase on Republic Wireless website.

Motorola mentions on their website that the Moto Z4 is compatable with Republic Wireless.

Republic will not confirm this until they have it up on their website for purchase, if they do decide to offer the phone.

You can see it in the link below. I also took a screenshot of the web page for the Moto Z4 on Motorola:

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.41.44 PM

To be absolutely clear. What is says on the Moto site means literally nothing (except maybe for hope for the future of the phone with Republic). Until Republic approves the phone it will not activate with Republic. Period.


Understood. Makes sense. Thanks.

Republic will does not need to sell a phone for it to be supported as a BYOD (the Moto Z2 Play was never sold by Republic)

there are lots of background thing that need to happen in order to support a phone (including stuff like North American factory unlock model being release (highly likely but Motorola could still give a carrier an exclusive right up to the release date) Republic does not want egg on it’s face if something in the background delays or prevent Republic supporting it so will not even speculate until every thing is lined up and been giving the ok to announce by the OEM

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To be notified of any new Announcement, you can go to Announcements & News - Member Community
Then Select the icon top right (below your personal icon) and adjust to what you want … I have mine set to ‘Watching First Post’ to limit the number of notifications

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Just as a note, unless you’re invested in the Moto Mod infrastructure, you may want to look at the Pixel 3a / 3a XL as an alternative. From a value perspective I’m not impressed with the new Z4. It seems overpriced for the specs and given Moto’s history of updates…

I ended up ordering one for my kid who is having issues with his play. Motos you can drop in the toilet and they still work. Pixels have less of a battery life and their own set of issues.

Worst case is if RW doesn’t step up there are other options. I have been loyal for a while but there are other options it seems,plus they just laid off 20% of their team…Other forums are saying that they are getting ready to sell who knows…I guess I will know on the 7th when it lands…I can not imagine they were not sent a phone to code on…

Everyones experience varies of course…but i can atest 100% that the Pixel devices are FAR better phones than Moto (or even Samsungs.) in my experience. I have dropped my Pixel into a pool, and a river…no issues. My Pixel lasts 2 days of normal use… my mother, and those i personally know who have and had Motos, they break easy, always needs to be near a charger, been replaced for a defect at least once…not to mention the, not as smooth user software experience and average quality camera.
Not to say that Pixels dont have issues, plenty of a limited number of folks have had issues, same with any other phone brand.

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