Moto Z4 still running Android 9?

I have a Moto Z4. Still running android9. I have never been prompted to upgrade to android10. My GF told me she got 10 about a month ago (also on RW, different phone though). Started looking online and it sounds to me like the Z4 should have gotten 10 by now? I have tried pushing the update button but it just says I’m up to date.

What gives, any idea?

Hi @bane1973,

I’m seeing the same online suggesting the Moto Z4 should update to Android 10. That said, like all newer Republic compatible phones, your Moto Z4 is factory unlocked. Android updates are outside Republic’s purview. The question is best addressed to Motorola itself as Motorola decides when its factory unlocked phones receive updates.

Here is a screenshot from Softwareupgrade - Motorola Support
which agrees with your GF.


You may want to follow-up by contacting Motorola Support

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Oh I had no idea about the newer phones being factory-unlocked! Thanks much!

Thank you for the links, esp Moto support.

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So a bit of an update here… I just chatted with Motorola tech support. They told me that the Z4 from RW is not scheduled to receive ANY updates whatsoever. They even provided me a link to their checker-tool that confirmed it.

About a year ago I purchased a Moto Z4 from RW and spent over $500. It was delivered with Android 9. Since then I have never rec’d a single security update. When I bought it was supposed to be a fairly high end phone, why the heck would I not get at least ONE update?!? My girlfriend has the G7 which was cheaper AND older and even she got upgraded to 10.

I have opened a ticket with RW. I don’t understand how a $500 phone can be justified to never receive a single upgrade, not even so much as a SECURITY update?!?


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Hi @bane1973,

First level Motorola has been known to get things wrong in the past. Candidly, I don’t know Motorola’s official position regarding Android 10 for the Moto Z4. I do know there is no such thing as a Republic specific Moto Z4. Your Moto Z4 is a factory unlocked phone. The Z4 you purchased from Republic is exactly the same factory unlocked phone sold by Motorola directly. Republic has no control over and, therefore, no responsibility for operating system updates on a factory unlocked Motorola phone.

From whom did your girlfriend purchase her Moto G7?

Opening a ticket is fine, however, you’re not going to get a different answer from Republic support. They’re also going to direct you to Motorola. My apologies for not linking this in my initial reply to your post:

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Hi @rolandh.

I really wish that were the case, but Motorola’s own site has a selection tool that asks where you bought your phone and specifically lists RW. Once selected, the Z4 is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, I can find the Z4 listed with other vendors.

Also from RW.

I understand that RW cannot control the upgrade process. Rather, I feel I’ve been sold a sub-standard model of the phone for what, at the time AFAIK, I purchased at standard retail pricing. Considering other Z4s are getting this update, it doesn’t seem fair that I paid the same price for a substandard offering. My hope is that RW can perhaps identify that a mistake was made between them and Motorola and get Motorola to correct the issue.

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I guess it comes down to whom you feel is more likely to be correct, Republic or Motorola. Please try this on your Moto Z4:

Open Settings
Scroll to then tap System
Tap About phone
Look under software channel
Do you see U.S. Retail?

If as I suspect you do, go back and tell Motorola you have the U.S. factory unlocked retail Moto Z4. Despite what Motorola has published on their website, don’t even mention Republic Wireless. Just tell them you have the U.S. Retail Moto Z4 and ask again for an explanation as to where the update is.

I assure you were not sold a substandard variant nor is there anything in the software on the phone that identifies it as a Republic Wireless phone. Republic sells the same factory unlocked U…S. retail variants in its online store as one may purchase elsewhere. This is true regardless of who manufactured the phone. The last Republic specific phone Motorola or otherwise was the Moto G3 circa early 2016.


Hi @bane1973,

I’m sorry to see Motorola’s support has confused you in this way. We sell the exact same factory-unlocked Motorola phones that Motorola sells. They are not altered for our service in any way, and they are not sub-standard in any way, because they are the same phones.

Our Help Team does not have any additional insight into updates, because updates come from the manufacturer.


Hi @bane1973 :slight_smile:

I would like you to try a few things if you’re willing. My hope is to get that upgrade to your Z4. :wink:

As @rolandh and @southpaw have stated the phone model you have is the same as you would get from the Moto store. With this in mind, let’s see if we can make the phone update.

First let’s try something simple:

Turn off the phone, remove the SIM, turn on the phone and try the update again.

If that fails and you don’t mind doing a factory reset… that would be my next step.

After you made sure you got your phone backed up (we can talk about that too if needed), I would remove the SIM, reset, move through the setup and try the update again.

The last thing I can think of to try is to flash the OS using the Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant. I’ll hold off on those instructions till you maybe try the prior suggestions.

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Gosh what an amazing reply thank you so much. You were absolutely correct about the US Retail, I feel empowered now with ammo! I’ll try suggestions from SuperT first but this is my backup card and I really appreciate you clarifying for me the situation. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @SuperT for these ideas. I’m off to try them right now! I’ll be back to report.


Well the reset was of course a huge ■■■■ but my phone does run more smoothly now so there’s that!

Sadly, no update. So I reached out to Motorola again and pointed-out that I have a US Retail version, regardless of where I happened to purchase it. Their response today is that my phone IS eligible for v10 but they aren’t done rolling it out yet and i just have to continue to wait.

I don’t mind waiting, I’m not in a huge rush. But I just feel now uncertain. AM I ACTUALLY going to receive it ever? I don’t know. And they have no way to show me that I actually will.

I guess I could try to flash it but I’m really not in the mood to go through another recovery process. I think I’ll wait and see.

I do appreciate the help though, and the clarity from everyone that the new RW phones are standard unlocked phones. Kind of ridiculous that Motorola’s support is based on model & where you bought the phone rather than something way more specific like the IMEI.


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