Moto Z4 - System Update Issue

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Moto Z4. Recent system update completed successfully…twice. Why does the phone keep notifying me minutes later that there is a system update available and offer for me to do it right then? Already done it twice. Anyone else having this problem? What do I need to do to make it go away?

Are you sure the version being offered is the same? Often if the updates are “stuck” an old one will suddenly work, and then a bunch of ones that were released will all get done in a row.


I’ve never heard of that. I’ll go ahead and update again and see what happens. As I just tried it the third time, and restarted it as instructed…it then notified me I need to restart my phone to use the latest update…again!

And now…just 2 minutes later…another notification that a system update is available. I kept screenshots based on your prior thoughts, and it does appear to be a different number on it. Ugh. Here we go again.

Hi @laurindab,

I spent 5 hours on Mother’s day on a park bench where I found WiFi in a small town in NC, updating my mother-in-law’s phone. (She doesn’t have WiFi.) It hadn’t been done since December 2019 and there were an awful lot of updates to work through. :weary:

Wow! What a great mother’s day gift you gave her! That was a gift of your time that I’m sure she appreciated.
I’ve updated a couple more times. And restarted at least 2-4 more times. Now I have noticed something interesting and potentially concerning…a new phone number has been added to my account…one which I do not recognize. No idea where that came from or who it is or what to do about it.

This is something new Google is doing. We’ve been discussing it a bit in another topic.
If you follow the steps in Google Verified secondary number randomly - #6 by southpaw, do you see the new number and have an option of “Do not use this number”?

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Since I didn’t recognize that number, I went into my Google settings and simply deleted that number right away!

Okay. It’s nothing to be afraid of - it is a cellular routing number that we use to get calls to you when your phone is not on WiFi, and it’s possible Google will verify it again. So keep my earlier instructions handy for when that happens.

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