Moto3g insists on locking


my few years old moto 3 g still will lock, even at my home which is trusted. and, oh, how do i change my gooofy username?


You’ll need a help ticket to fix your community name

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What would you like your username to be?

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ty someone got on it


“inappropriate”? all i ask is why it won’t stay a “safe place”. really got me confused. i know i didnt use foul language.


only Republic support can tell you why something was flagged
the post that look flag was just to new username request (which may have bee so others do use it)


Did you solve your other issue with the unlocking? I have found the “Trusted” stuff flaky at best on my phone. It only works intermittently for me.

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Last I heard, the Smart Lock’s trusted places was actually broken at one point and was supposed to be fixed with a play services beta. I’m not sure if that ever actually rolled out or if they are still testing it.

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thanks all, i have added a bunch of “locations” close by and will see how it works.

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@TeeMark any feedback? are you still having issues with the location and phone locking up?

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