Moto5G doesn't detect cell service

Moto 5 G , stopped detecting cell service most of the time. Doesn’t connect to WIFI at work anymore- the help desk at work couldnot detect a problem. Frequently gives “camera error” message. Could all this be because I have too many photo files saved?

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Hello @evelynk
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Let’s see if we can untangle your phone issues.

First, can you please try (when you are connected to good WiFi) an Activation Refresh:

Is this the only place you have trouble with WiFi? If so try “forgetting” the work WiFi and then reconnecting to it.

This sounds like a separate issue. But one never knows… I would copy off or upload your pictures to Google Photos to free up some space. Then try clearing the cache of the camera app. by going into the phone setting/ apps/ camera.

Hope this is of help :slight_smile:


Yes on the WIFI at work being the only trouble location, already tried to forget the network. Weirdly, a coworker entered his username and password in my phone and it connected instantly to the work WIFI. Thank you for the tip on using Google photos and clearing the cache.
It appears as if the phone is now detecting a cell signal reliably, so maybe that was part of the T-Mobile issue???

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It’s possible.
Happy to hear your phone is working for you again. :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting us know!

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