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Hi. I finally got around to inserting and formatting a 64G micro SD card as external storage in my MotoG 5 Plus running 8.1.0. I’m using File Mgr app to try to move some files onto it, but I’m getting “Permission Required” message. Google search on this issue is confusing at best - most have you do some root work to fix it. Ideas?

Hi @mikep.bcuwi9!

Could you share a screenshot of the message you are seeing? You can view the instructions on how to take a screenshot here: How to Take a Screenshot – Republic Help.

Hello @mikep.bcuwi9
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I think what’s happening is that the “File Mgr” app (there are many in the Play Store), is asking for permission before it can access your new SD card.

Please give this a try:

Go to your G5’s settings (the Gear) :gear: and then tap on “Apps & notifications”.
Then tap on that File Manger app you have installed, and then “Permissions”.
See if it has “Storage” permission granted. If not, use the slider to give it.

I think that should help, but let us know! :slight_smile:


The File Mgr app already had storage permissions. I figured out that if i didn’t use the shortcuts to locate images, etc. and go directly into the file structure, I can select files and move them to the SD card without the permission error. I can live with that for now. Thanks for your attempt to help!


You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

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