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I’ve had two chat conversations and put in a ticket on my back ordered MotoG phones from the promotion on Taco Tuesday. I was told the back ordered phone (a white one) would be in Dec 15. On Dec 16 I was told you didn’t know when they would be in. I’m profoundly disappointed by the lack of communication and customer service on this and the inability to substitute a white phone for a black one. The company has a lot to learn about taking care of customers! I couldn’t care less what color the phones are but I do care that I do not have phones for my daughters for Christmas! How would your kids feel?

Today I have an email in my email account from a customer who ranted about his disgust with the Moto G promotion AND I received a response to that rant from Southpaw. How the heck did this happen??? How did his email and response end up routed to me? I can’t get an answer to my ticket!

Any chance @southpaw@rw sent you the messages because the other customer’s situation was just like yours and her reply applied to both of you?

Hi @maureena.85f3u4 ,

I believe you received the E-mails you mentioned because you are subscribed to (or following) this thread:

Moto G Plus on backorder?

You can unsubscribe from it, from a computer, by clicking the “Actions” link at the top, right, then unchecking, “following.”

I do apologize for the lack of communication around our backstock situation. We are trying to fully determine exactly which orders may not ship in time for Christmas delivery, and will be reaching out to those customers by E-mail. There is an option to cancel your order in the Account portal. Such things as changing existing orders are simply not available in the systems and processes we currently have at our disposal. If they were, I assure you, we’d be delighted to make those changes for you.

If there is anything at all I can do to help you or to improve the Christmas situation for your daughters, please let me know.

I don’t know if you still want the motoG4 plus but I noticed today that Amazon has it for $229 now.

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