MotoG to Samsung S7--do both use a sim card

I can’t find a sim card on my MotoG I bought at Republic. I am assuming the bring my own phone Samsung S7 I ordered will need one. Does the MotoG have one and if not, do I just order a sim card for my Samsung S7?

The Moto G1 is a 3G phone. has no SIM card.
Note that the legacy phones are on CDMA Sprint network partner.
You will have different coverage with the BYOP phone and SIM, as those use GSM Tmobile. But you should be able to Request a CDMA SIM once u get the phone and if u find the GSM coverage not up to par.

You also will have to switch to the current My Choice Plan.

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Where do I go to request a sim only since I’m already a member? AND keep my same number?

You can get a SIM here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless or here:

Keeping your number is a choice made during the activation of the new phone.

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Great thank you for the help

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