MotoG won't connect to wifi; keeps saying "Authentication Problem"

MotoG won’t connect to our home wifi; keeps saying “Authenticaiton Problem”

Hi @leey.znrlea

The majority of the time an Authentication error when logging into wifi is a incorrect password. It is very easy to make a typo on these small keyboards.

Select the ‘show password’ box and confirm that all characters are entered correctly.

Thank you! You were absolutely correct. You such a cool person to answer so quickly and help us. Blessings to you!

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You are most welcome @leey.znrlea

Hi, I’m having authentication problem with MotoG and my password to connect is correct and I’ve cleared cached data.


Click on forget the WiFi connection and then try again with the password.

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Followed instructions and still get authentication problem. Is there a way to delete a wifi account and then create a new account to connect the phone to the wifi? It seems that I may have to set up the wifi account again in the phone. My computer connects just fine to home wifi.

Did you ever get an answer to this as I am having the same difficulty setting up my new phone.

Hi @fredricaw.naacwj

You may want to start a new thread of your own (don’t know if you noticed this one is a few months old).

Click on Settings/WiFi/[ your network] and Forget. Try re-establishing the network connection.

90% of the time Authentication problems are due to incorrect passwords, as typing on a small keyboard makes it easy to make a mistake, so type carefully.

Passwords are also case-sensitive.

Hope this helps, and feel free to open a thread of your own to troubleshoot further if needed.

I found instructions, which were complex. If you google it, lots of info
or instructions to choose from.

good luck

thank you Lisa Handy. I called my internet provider and he told me how to sign on. the Republic instructions are very misleading to a less tech savvy person like me. The password required to set up the wifi is the modem password not the internet security password. I have found the instructions to be less than satisfactory in setting up the phone and the other options.
I appreciate you getting back to me. Bless you!

So happy you have found resolution @fredricaw.naacwj!.

For future reference, (if needed), feel free to open a topic/thread of your own.

While the documentation may leave a little to be desired for those unfamiliar with the system, the community itself is like a living, breathing, interactive owners manual.

My reason would be that you found help in less than 24hrs. from an almost 4 month old post, from the poster!. I think that is awesome.

I think it only took that long, is because it is a legitimate user issue, but kind of got buried in an old thread instead of rising to the top for quick fixes/explanations.


Glad to help, but you found what ya needed. We all stumble thru
technology. Enjoy the holiday! :fireworks:

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