MotoG4 cutomization?


RW used to offer customization on the Moto G phones. Motorola still lists that as an option, but I didn’t seem RW as one of the options on selecting the SIM card.

So has that boat sailed?




The Moto phones can be had from Motomaker customized, On Best Buy,B&H, or Amazon, or the RW store Phones are available but not customized. Shop your deal but to customize you need Motomaker. The RW Store and Amazon the 3.0 RW cards for the Tmo platform are available.

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@dough.8337tq ,

You can purchase a custom G4 from Moto but as you said apparently don’t offer the RW SIM cards. Any phone purchased from another vendor is considered a BYOP.

If you’re a current member be sure to carefully check out the 3.0 plan’s GSM coverage for your location.

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