MotoG4 Play Activation

I am replacing my old DEFY with a Motog4 Play. I set up the new phone; everything transferred, however I am unable to make or receive calls. A scroll message at top states No Sim Card - Emergency Calls Only. What steps did I miss.

Where did you buy the new phone? Did you insert the SIM card during activation?

Republic Wireless. I installed the SIM card. I believe it was done per instructions.

Try turning the phone off, and then taking out and re-inserting the SIM card, and then turning the phone back on.

See here for useful info about SIM card insertion

I did power down but was unable to get the SIM card out. However on re-exam it’s in correctly. I’ll take it to a local cell store & let them take a look. Thanks for your assistance.

Found site. It confirmed SIM in correctly. I’ll take it in. Thanks

Took phone to store & my mistake. SIM card was not installed correctly. My apologies to the community. Thanks for your time to help me.

No need to apologize @rashad! All of us Community members have had our fair share of “oops” moments!

Thanks for reporting back! Hopefully, that got you back on track and got your new phone activated. Do let us know

how it works out for you.

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