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I am presently a Republic Wireless customer. I have a MOTO X, no sim card. Will I be able to purchase a Moto g 5 plus and bring it to Republic? If so what do I need to do? Also which GB data plan do I use.


You can. Your Moto X does have a SIM card, but it doesn’t get moved. If you’re getting the G5 elsewhere, you’ll need a BYOP SIM. You can purchase a BYOP SIM from either here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or here:


OK I will be buying the Moto g 5 s from republic, I see they offer that cell.


How do I know to change to 2gb, 4gb or 6gb?


You can upgrade you plan directly from the phone so why not start with the lowest amount of data and upgrade as necessary?


Ok thanks.


There is no penalty for upgrading your plan in the middle of the month and all your intra-month data is use-it-or-lose-it…so you should start at the minimum data that you might need and then if you run out, you can upgrade your plan at that time.


You should know that even though the Moto G5S Plus is CDMA capable phone… it is not currently able to activated on RW’s CDMA partner or Sprint.

Your current coverage on your Moto X is Sprint, so if you go with the Moto G5S your coverage will
be different. Be sure to verify your coverage by entering your zip code here.

Note that the Moto G5 Plus even though a slightly older phone does have the flexibility to get GSM or CDMA coverage. So that might influence your decision to buy one or the other.

Please note that RW only sells the Moto G5 Plus not the Moto G5S Plus


Thanks for making your voice heard in the Republic Community @tarag. Glad you got a quick answer.

We appreciate your trust in Republic Wireless.


Hi @tarag,

You probably understood this from @louisdi’s answer, but I just want to point out that if you order from RW, the SIM card will be included.


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