MotoG5 Plus missing weather


It used to be I could swipe down and see our local weather. Weather was also in the cars if you swipe to the right. Now it is in neither place. I have added it to the cards numerous times and it still does not show up. Tried restarting and there was no difference.


I don’t know why it shows at some times but not others. Perhaps you would like the Time and Weather widget - moto g5 plus.


the swipe to the left in the google now cards I have found it’s been moved to the bottom


cbwahlstrom drm186
I have scrolled to the bottom many times and it is not there. It used to be the first card I saw. I did look at the Time and Weather and I prefer just using google voice. I actually like the clock and time that is on the G 5 Plus.


Tap Add Cities then toggle on Current Location > Allow any pop- up permission. You can add a different city if you wish. However, if there`s only one city being set-up on your device, the weather should be adjusted to that specific location.


Just like that it came back this morning when I swiped down on my screen. I wish I could figure out why it comes and goes on its own!

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