Motog6 will not bootup explanation

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What plan are you on?

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Issue Description

My motog6, when I try to bootup, says:

Start Up failed

Your device didn’t start up successfully.
Use the Software Repair Assistant on Computer to repair your device.
Connect your device to your computrer to get the Software Repair Assistant.

I connected my device to my computer running Windows 10 but nothing happens. How do I repair the device ?

Hi @eldiener,

Is your Moto G6 currently activated with Republic? I ask because some initial research suggests the referenced Software Repair Assistant may be a Verizon Wireless offering rather than something provided by Motorola.

I’m sorry to say all I’m able to find in Republic’s Help Center articles suggests an external factory reset will be required:

Edited to Add:

There’s a variety of references in Motorola’s forums. however, I’m not seeing anything specific to a Moto G6 or insight on how one gets the tool. What I’m seeing as choices are a factory reset or sending the phone in to Motorola for repair. If you wish to take a look for yourself, here’s the search I used:’

I tried pressing the power button for 30 seconds and the phone then booted successfully. Yay ! But I am worried about it and why it could not boot before that and gave me all those messages as if it was permanently broken. I will try contacting Motorola but having to send my phone to them and be without any phone for awhile is pretty daunting. Maybe I should get another phone just so I have a backup in case one phone breaks down. Thanks for your links and, yes, the phone is activated with republic on the $20 / month plan which is all I need.

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