Motog7 voice typing not working, found the reason

Using gboard, like everone else my voice typing works one minute and not the next.
I found that if I turn off wifi and only use data it work fine. If Data is on with wifi it will not work.
Works consistently with just data turned on.

It had been working with wifi and now not.

With WiFi on it should work, however it appears not … may be your WiFi

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On the phone you can use Your data to connect to the internet or if you are home you can turn on wifi and connect to internet without using your data. On my motog7 If I turn off wifi and just have the data connection turned on the voice works fine. With both turned or or just wifi on it don’t work. It is related to some up date cause all of the family are having the same problem and they all work with just data turned on. I assume it will be fixed in a future update.

So if it’s a consistent repeatable failure on multiple phones, the most logical common failure point is your WiFi.

  1. What is the Connectivity Status seen when you do a 1 finger swipe down and are in Normal WiFi connected mode?
  2. After getting that, if you could Run the Republic Diagnostics and list any failures or warnings it would help
    • In the RW App select :settingsicon: Settings / Advanced Settings then scroll down to 'Run diagnostics test’ and run them

No, four of us live in different households. All started having the same problem about the same time. All will sometimes work on wifi as it did before. Father in-law just called and said his was not working for a few days, he is 92 and uses voice as much as possible. Also the microphone in the chrome browser works fine with any network connection. Just not the the mic in the keyboard or gboard I guess. My ant just 30 seconds ago called with the same problem.

Some update will fix it, will return the same way it left.

ok, new information helps, so lets just concentrate on the problem that you are encountering on your Moto G7 at home on your WiFi.

  • I have renumbered the steps above, and answers to question 1 and results from #2 will help me (or other contributors) help you

Not having any wifi problems. Seen hundreds of people with same complaint obviously not a wifi problem. Not looking for a solution as an upgrade will fix the problem the same way it ■■■■■■■ up the masses. Just an observation

I am sorry that I can’t be of any help in solving your problem … best of luck

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