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Republic sent me ads for a new phone. I bought the Moto One Action. Now, it’s telling me it’s not supported. Why? If Republic sent me the Ad? I want answers. I’m not happy.

Hi @brandond.usdgii and welcome to the Community!

Are you certain Republic sent you the advertisement? Might it have been Motorola itself that did so?

In any event, Republic does not currently support the Moto One Action or any other Moto One series phone.

Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service requires one of the carrier agnostic factory unlocked phones listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

This Republic Help Center document walks you through the entire process of bringing a phone sourced elsewhere to Republic: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.

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Yes they did send the information.

I’ve been a current customer for almost 10 years. I wouldn’t want to leave because if their mistake. I’d be willing to get a free exchange.

So, did Republic Wireless send you an email? Or was it an ad that popped up from Motorola on your phone about a sale, because I get those all the time on my Moto X4. Those aren’t from RW.

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Republic doesn’t sell or support the Moto One Action. You’d have to contact whomever you purchased it from to try and arrange a return or exchange.

If it really was purchased from Republic it would come with a 14 return guarantee and would also have a Republic SIM installed. Do you have any links to the ad or the email that was sent that you could post here? You might also be able to return it to the place you purchased it from.

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