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I’m wanting to upgrade my phone and am thinking I’d like to purchase a Motorola One or the Motorola G 5G. While I realize that RW doesn’t currently provide 5G service at this time, I would imagine that they will in the not too distant future. My question(s) is, will either of the the above mentioned phones work with RW’s current 4G service and will their current SIM card work with these phones.


  • Here is a Help Article that will show which phones are currently supported and a link where you can leave feedback on the phone you want
    When Will My Unlocked Phone Be Supported by Republic Wireless? – Republic Help
  • Currently, the state of 5G coverage for Republic users is not known, T-Mobile has been repurposing some of Sprints low-band 2G spectrum to use as 5G and how this will affect MVNO’s is unknown
  • AFIK, all 5G chipsets will support 4G, and I haven’t seen any indication that 4G will be going away in the US anytime soon.

Neither of these is compatible with Republic. Only the specific phones on this list are: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


At some point the network providers will make 5G service widely available to their MVNO customers until then, Republic can’t really do anything

Neither of those phones is Republic compatible. But the answer is if they were (as the Samsung S20 5G phones are) then yes, they work on 4G with Republic.

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