Motorola announces the next phones in the Moto G series

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Wow! I The G7 power definitely has my interest. I wish more phone companies would put larger batteries in phones instead of trying to make them super thin. The disappointing part is that the power variant isn’t as powerful as the normal G7 variant. I wish they would make them identical spec-wise with just a battery upgrade on the one.

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Just got the g6 but I want the g7 now. G6 was fine a day ago. Now it seems like ■■■■. Purely psychological. lol. But still. May be I can gift the g6 to rw for their b stock and do an exchange that way for a new g7.


I used to be an early adopter. Always wanting the latest and greatest. I spent a bunch of money on products that proved to be ■■■■. This experience turned me into a value buyer. Now I wait until the latest greatest product comes out, and buy the previous model at a discount. This is not only a cost savings, I also gain knowledge on the quality of the product from the experiences of those who jumped in before I did.


Solid strategy. I maintain the same. But I jumped on the g6 (got it at a discount) because I wanted a phone slightly better than the e4. So I got one with a broken screen and in the process of fixing it right now.


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So when will Republic offer the new line of Moto G7 phones and will Republic be selling the G6 series at prices below those now listed on the website?

Hi @davida.pxentf,

To date all anyone including Motorola has had to offer on G7 series availability is “this spring”. And, historically, Republic doesn’t pre-announce potential future sales. When Republic is ready to announce something further, you’ll see it in Community here: Announcements & News - Member Community


What about the Moto G7 Plus? I don’t see that listed.

The Plus is not listed because Motorola is not releasing that model in the US, so it won’t be supported here.

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Logged in to see about getting a new phone (my G4 is having touch-screen … issues) and now I think I’ll wait till the G7s are released. 64GB space? Yeah!!! Guess I can hold off for another month.


Will the Moto G7 power work on the republic wireless network?

Yes, as is noted in the original post. What is yet to be determined is when. All Motorola has to say on release, to date, is “this spring”.

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I guess the Moto 7 power I’m seeing is the international version. That phone probably won’t work?

You are correct, sir! International variants do not work with Republic. You’ll need to wait for release in the U.S.

G7 should be available for order in about a week per the Moto site. Below was copied from cart after placing a Pre-order.

Shopping cart

moto g⁷

  • Storage: 64GB

Availability: In stock. Estimated Delivery: 03/04/19.


Wooohoo! :smiley:

I see that best buy is offering pre-orders with delivery on this friday. If I get the phone from them on Firday, will I be able to pop the republic sim from my Moto X Pure in to the G7 with no issues?

Republic needs to add the G7 support to the Republic App. Only they can answer if they’ll have that done by Friday for BYOP phones. I would suspect, that if official channels are delivering by then the answer would be either yes, or very very shortly thereafter.

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