Motorola announces the next phones in the Moto G series



Republic needs to add the G7 support to the Republic App. Only they can answer if they’ll have that done by Friday for BYOP phones. I would suspect, that if official channels are delivering by then the answer would be either yes, or very very shortly thereafter.


to add to @louisdi answer your SIM in the Moto X Pure can only be used in a Moto G7 if it’s the GSM SIM (Swapping phone by Swapping SIMs is a GSM feature)


What’s the hurry? Give it a couple weeks and let others try the G7 to make sure it doesn’t ■■■■.


Because my X Pure has been dying on me and this is the phone I would like. Never knowing when my phone will randomly shut off for the past 2 months has been no fun.


Fair enough, however, having the G7 before Republic announces when it’s prepared to support it wouldn’t seem to address the circumstance.


I see that the G7 is now available. Is there a timeline for the G7 Power? My wife desperately needs it!


IsRW going tosupport the G7 Power when it is released?

Moto G7 Accessories

Motorola say yes on there announcement Republic will support the Moto G7 Power and the Moto G7 Play when released [given a day or to for Republic to update it’s systems]



Iam looking at the bands it will support, and it has band 71. The 600 meg. is very strong here in the northern part of cal. Tmo has been working hard to upgrade an have done a very good job.
The one thing that bothers me is the G7 has band 71 but only if you buy it from TMO … Will they do this to the G7 Power. Cut out RW an FI from provisioning it.or turning it on…Or tell Moto it will be exclusively for them only?


According to Moto the unlocked G7 Play and Power, no matter where bought, will have B71.


Thanks. I sure hope so. I really
like the G7 Power. For a mid range phone at least it dose not have a glass back LOL.


Is RW going to have/as to buy the G 7 Power


all we know at this time is that Republic is planning on supporting the Moto G7 Power, we don’t have an release date form Motorola or know if Republic is planning on having it in it’s online store (or if Motorola will let Republic have it in the online store)


It was released a day or two ago and being shipped early next week.



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The Moto G7 Power and Moto G7 Play are already supported for BYOP. Once our members have the phone in hand, they’ll be able to activate it. We’re just a little behind on getting a couple of pages on our website updated with this information.

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