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So I wanted to get the new Motorola I think it’s a G7 for 299 but it’s on backorder and if I bring it from another person do I need to b y o p SIM card. I currently have the Moto x pure with a CDMA SIM card.
if possible and I don’t need to get another sim card which phone can I transfer that CDMA SIM card to.

Hi @jimr.09cb5g,

You may indeed acquire a Republic compatible G7 elsewhere then bring it to Republic. When shopping for a G7 or other Republic compatible phone elsewhere, one must take care to be certain the phone purchased is indeed Republic compatible as many Republic compatible models also come in incompatible flavors. This Community resource can help:

You would need a new SIM as a CDMA SIM won’t move from a Moto X Pure to a G7. Active CDMA SIMs don’t move from phone to phone. You should also know that, for now, Republic is only able to offer GSM coverage on the G7 series. CDMA coverage will be a future option. To be certain GSM coverage would work for you, may we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

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Tell me which is the better coverage to as I am willing to pay a little extra for that since I’m more rural

Hi @jimr.09cb5g,

Whether GSM or CDMA coverage is better in a given area is highly location dependent. In your area, I’d stay away from GSM and go with CDMA. The dilemma is Republic currently is unable to offer CDMA coverage on any G7 series phone regardless of where sourced. The expectation is this will change later this summer (early August is our latest information but this is not guaranteed).

So, the question becomes, do you need a new phone now? The least expensive CDMA option in Republic’s store now is the $500 Samsung Galaxy S8. You’ve already expressed a willingness to shop elsewhere (and Republic doesn’t mind). There are less pricey Republic and CDMA compatible options in the market. Is that of interest to you now or are you content to wait for Republic CDMA coverage on the G7?

I really do need a phone sooner. So waiting for 4 weeks will be very frustrating. I’m not ready to switch to Samsung though because I love Motorola but I would be willing to switch to pixel maybe.

Hi @jimr.09cb5g,

In my opinion, the best bang for the buck Republic and CDMA compatible phone currently available is Google’s Pixel 3a. It’s widely available but the path of least resistance is buying it direct from Google:

If $400 is too pricey, Amazon still has the Moto X4 (a very good phone) at a great price:■■■■s=gateway&sprefix=moto%2Bx4%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-2&th=1.

There’s also the G7’s predecessor, the Moto G6 that remains a very good value at B&H Photo (like Republic great folks to do business with):

Should you decide to proceed with one of these options, you’ll still need a new SIM. Please do not buy Republic’s standalone SIM kit as that’s GSM and won’t be a good coverage experience for you. Instead, once you’ve made the purchase decision on a phone, do this: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.


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