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I’m in the midst of a customer service issue with Motorola and I’m wondering what other’s experiences have been?

Here’s my situation:
I have a new Moto E4 (bought in August) and last Wednesday, it looks like either the SIM card failed or the SIM card reader failed.

So, I contacted RW, but they said that I should contact Motorola for support. I did this on Thursday. They took me through several troubleshooting steps, but I balked at factor re-setting my phone. After some debate, I did it, but to run new tests, I have to connect to WiFi, but I did this at work and they have an incredibly complicated process for getting access to the WiFi network. I had to go ask one of our IT folks and asked the Motorola tech to hold the line.

By the time I got back, they had hung up. So, I called back. They determined that I should send my phone in and they would send me a replacement.

I would have to pay $25 for an immediate replacement, and since RW decided to help cover that fee, I proceeded with the transaction.

On Monday, I checked my bank account and Motorola had changed me twice.

So, I contact them today and let them know about the double charge. I received a message later and they said this:

    1. they would be sending me a like new phone in 4-5 days.

I was flabbergasted. This phone was only 3 months old and they are sending me a refurb and they hadn’t even shipped it yet – and I paid $25 for “immediate” replacement. If I don’t get this phone by Saturday, then that means I will be without a working phone for over a week.

I’m old enough to have lived without cell phones, but this is terrible customer service, in my opinion.

Anyone else have this same treatment?



The treatment you’ve received seems pretty typical for all manufacturers. Refurbs are standard across the board as advance warranty replacements. I know of no company that does anything different.

As far as requiring a factory reset, this is also a 100% practice, in my experience.

Finally, the rep that hung up is likely measured on, among another things, how long their calls take (how many calls per shift they handle). They likely had little lattitude to wait more than a minute or two.

All that being said, I know it doesn’t feel good when you have failed hardware, and it doesn’t feel good when you feel like the company that has failed you isn’t bending over backwards to take care of you. Unfortunately, what you’ve experienced I believe is largely typical, across all cell phone manufacturers. Having recently dealt with Samsung on a repair, I can tell you, it was far worse than the experience you had here, to the point that I had to get the Better Business Bureau involved, in order to get an executive escalation on the Samsung side to get it resolved.



While you probably going to like the response, “like new” replacements are the norm for all cell phone manufacturers I have dealt with for warranty replacements. This just isn’t Motorola. In fact, all electronics replacements that I have seen have been with “like new” product. I replaced a router about a year back after two months. Like new router. Same for other electronic products I have had to deal with warranty issues.

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My wife and I each got a Moto X about 4 years ago. About a year and a half later my wife dropped hers and smashed the screen. It was out of warranty but Moto replaced it with a refurb for $100. Not only did that phone look perfect but it must have had a brand new battery since it is still going strong (while the battery on my 4 Y.O. Moto X is shot) . Most refurbs are actually new phones that were returned by customers that decided that they wanted something else.

Bottom line, don’t worry about the refurb but you could contest the extra charge with Moto or through your credit card if you don’t get it when promised.



Hi @randys.qzrgke
I seem to remember that Bank of America or Wells Fargo was giving a double charge. 1 of the charges was actually a hold and disappeared when the 1st charge goes through the bank account. A Ghost charge if you can look at it that way.
I wish you luck but it may not be an issue at all but just clerical mumbo jumbo.



Hi @randys.qzrgke,

The “immediate replacement” is actually called an “Advance exchange.” The idea is that you don’t have to ship your phone until you receive the replacement and can move your content to it and get it set up. I’m not sure the idea is meant to be that they ship it immediately, but that you get the convenience of keeping your phone until you get the replacement and can set it up.

The alternate option, without that $25 fee, is for you to send your phone in, wait for them to receive it, and then wait for them to ship you a replacement, usually resulting in a 7-10 day period without a phone.

It is disappointing that they cannot send the replacement faster, and I’ll make sure our team knows this is the experience Motorola is currently offering for the E4, in case we might be able to provide a better option to others in your situation.


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