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If you are thinking about buying a Motorola device, like a phone or watch don’t. My wife and I bought the Moto G4 plus when it first came out in November of 2017. By August we had to warranty both of them for the now known phantom touch issues that particular phone has. Fast forward less than 6 mouths and guess what, my wife’s phone has phantom touch issues again. I contacted Motorola support and all they will do is offer me 30% off a replacement phone because it has been a year since I bought the original phone.

They do not stand behind their product. They sent me a replacement unit and within 6 months it has also gone bad with the same KNOWN ISSUE! They won’t replace it because my original purchase was over a year ago. They say the warranty transferred from the original phone to the replacement phone. But they sent me a replacement phone with the same issues!!! The replacement device should have the same warranty as the original item. 1 year! Oh and my phone also now has speaker issues. I have to hit my phone on my hand to get any audio out of it. Joy!

Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid

Did you request escalation of your problem with Motorola? Often when a user escalates problem you can get a different answer from that initially received. This may necessitate you providing all the information you have, including results of the previous service actions. Often, when brought to the attention of the next level of management different results can be obtained.
My advice would be to escalate, and then based on the results you receive, just re-escalate moving it up the food chain.

ETA: Let me restate my opinion on the above Escalation

  • If the original phone was purchased in Nov 2017, and subsequently replaced, I feel it would be reasonable expectation that the warranty (original and subsequently obtained replacement) would be provided by the manufacture for the period of one year based on the initial purchase. I do not feel that there should be any expectation that this warranty period should be extended beyond that 1 year period. This appears to be consistent with the wording from Motorola (reference pdf)

Products repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty are covered for the balance of the original warranty
period, or 90 days from the date of service, whichever is longer. Any upgrade to the original product will be
covered only for the duration of the Warranty Period


There is no manufacturer in the world that gives you a new warranty on a warranty replacement. Motorola, Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, ZTE, etc, literally every single manufacturer has the exact same policy. Warranty replacements assume the warranty of the replaced device. Why would you suddenly be entitled to a new warranty? This is true for phones, TVs, stoves, computers, and every single other consumer electronic device I can think of.

Now that being said, I’m not discounting your issues with Motorola support. I personally have had good experiences with them, but there are plenty of horror stories (as there are with every single manufacturer out there).


If you don’t get anywhere with Motorola, then I would see if you can get the phone replaced under any extended warranty coverage you may be eligible for if you used a credit card to buy the phone.

Note, I’ve only seen credit card purchases offering to extend the manufacture’s warranty.

Since this is a known issue with this phone, personally I think Motorola should either replace the phone or give you about 2/3 of the purchase price of the G4 in credit towards the purchase of a new Motorola phone.

Note, I’m having problems with the fingerprint sensor on my Moto G5+ turning on the phone’s screen. I kind of expected that to happen, but it’s still annoying.


Please note that I have updated my original statement on Escalation/Warranty


Yeah I had ti escalated 2 levels up to the “Management” They still only offered me 30% off the price of a replacement phone. I totally understand not warranting other issues but it’s the same issue. That is what really gets me. SAME exact issue. I figure they would have fixed it before sending or selling any new phones.


If the phone was purchased Nov 2017, then aren’t they obligated to provide a working equivalent phone until Oct xx 2018 … or is the -30% a better deal?


I think that was a typo. The G4 came out in 2016. The G5 in 2017.


I was going by the data provided by @nicholasb.h9cyii … hopefully he will correct me if necessary


Yes, I meant a typo on the part of the OP.


We got the G4’s in 2017. Sorry I thought they game out close to when we got them.
I am just annoyed that the replacement has the same issue and they wont warranty it. I just can’t justify spending almost $100 for another G4 when in 6 months I will probably have the same issue again with my luck.


Wait. Wait. Wait. The replacement G4 assumes the warranty of the original phone. If you got it October 2017, it is still under warranty. Period. If you can’t get anywhere with Motorola, I would open a ticket with Republic staff to see if they’re able to help with getting Motorola support to honor their obligation.


Sorry, we got them in 2016. They said the warranty expired on the original phones Nov 2017.
To much back and forth. Mixed up my years.


Thanks for the feedback, don’t forget to check and see if the Credit Card you purchased them with possibly provided a 1 year extension of the Mfg Warranty … many do


I have been following this post, and interestingly my G4+ seems to have experienced the fatal ghost touch syndrome. I had been having some ghost touches for the last 3 months, but was always able to get it to stop. I thought I had resolved the issue last week when it went wild while out and connected to a weak WiFi signal, but was fine when I returned home and it settled down. After some experimenting, I thought I resolved the issue by turning off the Bluetooth.
So far it seems to be fatal after this mornings episode.
Just wanted to let you know since I thought I must have escaped this with my phone.


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Honestly, and this is a knock on Motorola, not Republic, but I think this issue is the kind of thing that if I experienced it I would quickly head to the FTC, State Attorney General, BBB and any other such resources my state might offer. If I thought that there was any chance that the class might benefit, I’d even think about finding a law firm for a class action lawsuit. Motorola knows the G4+ has a ghost touch problem. The fact that they aren’t resolving this issue, regardless of warranty status, on a known design or manufacturing defect, is just wrong.


MOTO is not to blame, blame Lenovo for running the company into the ground after buying them from Google. The whole thing stinks b/c Google basically bought them for the patents and then sold off the remains to Lenovo… which proceeded to just ruin everything that used to be great about the company


@ee.2hvpvm I agree. I had been very happy with my Moto X first-generation and I got a Moto Z play because I like the idea of expandability and the ability to plug-in different modules. I do love the Incipio mobile adapter. It’s great to just be able to plug the phone onto the dashboard and connect to everything in the car.

However, there are just so many problems that come from trying to keep that port available for plug-ins. Every case I’ve seen has to be removed before I put my phone on the Incipio auto adapter. Motorola/Lenovo definitely messed up on the camera mod. Even cases themselves have problems. When my phone is in its case, something goes wrong with the autofocus and when you take a picture, it defocuses. If I take the camera out of the case, it focuses fine.

I do love the pure android experience over the crapped up Samsung/LG phones. From what I’ve seen the pixel 2 would be a better camera/phone for me but it is way too expensive. I’m seriously considering selling off my Moto Z play and buy myself a cheap pure android phone to replace it. Ignore the cell phone camera and get a real camera that does what I need.


The title of this thread is extremely misleading. I do not have any connection with Motorola or Lenovo, but I did have a support issue with the co. on my Moto X1 and their replacement policy for out of warranty replacement was AMAZING in my case. (I paid $100 and received a rebuilt working phone identical to my original.) The original poster has had ONE (1) experience with the company. He/she has no information as to how Motorola support has treated other customers and should not be generalizing, or using RW’s chat system to tear down a whole company based on his/her singular experience, any more than I should post and claim that the company’s support dept ALWAYS satisfies every customer. Why not just stick to the facts of his/her own experience, rather than try to trash everyone in support at the co.?