Motorola E5 plus


I realize support for this phone has not been officially announced yet , and there are no official or concrete answers, I was just wondering what the general consensus was on a likelihood of it coming to Republic Wireless or not. And if so if you think in your personal opinion it is likely to happen in The Fairly near future?


FWIW I think RW will choose to support this model in the near future.


I agree, there is a good chance that the E5 will be supported. Republic has been a big supported of Motorola phones for awhile now. There is no guarantee though.


I really really wish they would get on the ball if they are going to support this model. I just dropped my Moto e4 plus and the screen is cracked. I would have loved to come on here and purchase the e5 Plus. Has anyone has any success in buying the Moto e5 Plus elsewhere and bringing it to Republic Wireless? Any issues?


the base Moto E5 and E5 Plus are not approved models and will not work on Republic
Motorola has not released a North American (US) Factory unlocked version for these and Republic has only ever supported North American Factory unlock models on the My Choice plans