Motorola edge compatibility

I know that the motorola edge is byop compatible, but is the edge+ or will it be?

Hi @benjamins.glskli

Republic has only announced one specific model of the Moto Edge and that is Model XT2063-2

They do not preannounce models under consideration or test. They will make an announcement when the phone is ready to be supported or they are ready for beta testing with customer participation.


Hi @benjamins.glskli – in addition to what @johnny5 stated. Updates are posted as announcements here:

You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.

Here’s a thread you might also find interesting –

Hope this helps!


I will only note that Motorola has the Edge + listed as a Verizon only this may mean Motorola and Verizon made a deal that only they will be able to offer the the phone.


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