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I am looking at purchasing a g7 power unlocked phone, not through Republic. I noticed the approve phone is xt1955-5. What does the 5 mean? I see phones with a variety of numbers such as ‘2’. Is there a difference, and is the ‘2’ for example, compatible?
Also, I have at resent a G5 plus with a GSM Sim card. Can I use that card in my g7 power or do I need to purchase a new sim card?
Thanks very much for any advice.

The -# indicate sub model number.
Such as a carrier variant version.
The -2 model is the International model and is NOT compatible with Republic.
Republic only support North American Facotry Unlocked models.
For the G7 power…must be model #: xt1955-5

This article may be informative:

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If the SIM in the Moto G5 is GSM you should be able to just move it over. Here’s a couple of links that can help you verify the SIM –

Of course you need an RW compatible Moto G7 Power as SpeedingCheetah described. Please take note of the “A General Moto Warning” section in the “How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone” document. Not saying new phone has to come from RW but just be careful in your purchase :smile:

And here’s a link for installing the SIM in the Moto G7 Power just in case you need it –


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