Motorola G7 Power XT1955-5

I’m shopping for a new phone - the Moto G7 Power XT1955-5. I see that Republic carries this model. However, I’ve seen this model with 64gb vs the 32gb offered here. Help me out here - this means that the storage of 32gb is less than the other phone with 64gb offered at different sites. Correct? Why would I buy 32gb vs 64gb? (This is a sincere question.)


Hi @beverlyt.thwhfw!

I’ve researched the G7 Power models and it looks like the 64gb variant is not currently compatible with Republic. From what I have found, the XT1955-5 is only the 32gb model (not a 64gb model). I did see a dual-SIM international version on Amazon, but it’s not compatible with Republic right now. Additionally, Motorola’s website only lists the 32gb model for the G7 Power. This would lead me to believe that the 64gb model with 4gb of RAM is an international variant that’s not currently compatible with Republic. Could you point me to the place where you saw a 64gb model along with the XT1955-5 model number?

Regarding the storage, you use that for storing apps, pictures, songs, files, and data. If don’t you use a bunch of apps, don’t download a lot of music, and/or take a ton of photos (that you don’t backup and delete from the phone), you should be fine with 32gb. The G7 Power also has a slot for MicroSD expansion so you can add some more storage should it fill up. If you aren’t a media junky, you should be fine with 32gb.

I hope that helps!

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@mb2x is indeed correct. Motorola has not made a 64GB US Factory Unlocked version of the G7 Power so any 64GB version that you find isn’t the Republic compatible version, unfortunately.

Thank you for your response. I’ll probably end up buying the phone on Republic’s site just to be sure it will work with Republic.

I Have the same confusion. According to Republic, I need a CDMA [not GSM] phone in my area [Zip Code]. This phone [XT1955-5] is built to include both CDMA and GSM capability in the international version, at least. [Unlocked and available elsewhere online]. Republic shows this phone as “We’ve got you covered” in my zip, but the specs on the Republic site show their version of this phone as a GSM only version. All this, aside from the 32/64GB versions, make for quite a bit of confusion for buyers.

No international versions of phones are supported. Only North American factory unlocked. See here for the list of supported phones How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Hi @josephh.wmohxf,

Please trust your own real-life experience with coverage over what our website indicates. The website’s determination is based on data from our carrier partners, but your own experience would be the best indication of what to expect.

It is confusing, due partly the way phones are named and model numbers assigned to them, and partly to our current state as far as being able to support the Moto G7 family for CDMA coverage.

We support the North American Factory Unlocked Moto G7 Power, not the international version. While the phone is both GSM and CDMA capable, Republic Wireless does not yet have a CDMA SIM card compatible with this phone. The SIM card is still going through development and QA, a process that involves cooperation and actions by us, the carrier partner, and the company that produces the SIM card. I don’t like to give timelines because any single delay in the process could have a cascading effect on the rest of the process, causing an anticipated delivery date to be pushed out, something we’ve already seen for this CDMA SIM card. Knowing that there are opportunities for the target date to be extended, I will tell you that at this point we are anticipating early August for availability.

I own two of the Moto G7 Power phones and am using one personally despite having no GSM coverage at my house. I’m waiting for the CDMA SIM card to pass them along to family members. The battery life on this thing is nothing short of impressive. I am a light user of the phone and typically charge it once a week. This is a recent battery graph from my phone.

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